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Summer Test and Cragging

Throughout the summer months a lot of what I did in work and when I was out in the mountains and by the sea was aimed towards readying myself for the BMG Summer Test, the first of four tests that have to be passed on the way to becoming a qualified IFMGA Mountain Guide. The summer test is based in North Wales and encompasses all aspects of summer climbing and mountaineering and I am happy to say I passed. From here it’s on to Scotland this coming winter for the Winter Test!

After the Summer Test it was great to just go cragging and try various routes I had been putting off over the summer. Some with varying degrees of success!


Raindogs, Malham Cove. I’d been to Malham once a few years ago and really didn’t get on that well with it! With rain forecast everywhere we headed to the big umbrella crag for a couple of days and I figured I might as well get on the classic Raindogs. Not really my type of climbing in that its power endurance but really fun climbing so I think I’ll be back in the spring to carry on trying it. (Photo: Dave Rudkin)


From Yorkshire to Rhoscolyn…just the kind of crag to go to when your arms are tired from Malham. Glorious sunshine!


Tim Neill on the little known ‘Bubbling’. An esoteric E6 on Gribin Facet that saw quite a few ascents this Autumn. After a not so great summer in the mountains the Indian summer provided dry mountain crags and some good social scenes.

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