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Canadian Ice

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Terminator, Stanley Headwall, Polar Circus, Sea of Vapours…these were all routes I had heard of over the years as being legendary Canadian Ice routes. Canadian ice climbing has always conjured up various images in my head…huge walls and pillars of vertical ice, remote backcountry access, massive blue skies with snow covered trees and lines that you could see from the valley miles before you even got close to them. It was always a dream to go and climb ice in Canada and get to see if what I imagined actually was true. At the beginning of December I was fortunate to head out to the East Rockies with work for two weeks to climb some of these lines and teach others how to give people a safe experience on ice.

Whilst I didn’t get to climb any of the above mentioned routes, I did climb some incredible lines and found Canadian ice to be all I imagined and more. I left inspired to return to climb some of those incredible lines I had seen from a distance but never got close to.

Massive blue skies and snow covered trees…Evan Thomas Creek, K Country.


A thin start to Moonlight. Evan Thomas Creek.


Wicked Wanda, The Ghost


Exiting Wicked Wanda after a very wet top pitch.

Part of the adventure of going into the Ghost…getting your truck stuck!

Lake Louise Falls

Lead climbing coaching with the students.

Trainee instructor managing a descent at the top of Grotto Falls.


Andy on the classic Carlsberg Column, Field

Myself approaching the belay on Carlsberg Column, Field

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