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The Cad

Hi, I'm John, a passionate rock climber, alpinist and skier based between North Wales and the Alps. As an IFMGA Mountain Guide and WMCI (formerly MIC) I aim to inspire, enthuse and educate through my work.

Coming from Northern Ireland, I began climbing in the Mourne Mountains and at Fairhead, which, despite visiting many incredible places, continue to lure me back. Moving to North Wales some years ago gave me the opportunity to explore an amazing wealth of routes and crags in the mountains and by the sea. Climbing and mountaineering has taken me widely throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and North America and it has given me a great love and enthusiasm for the environment in which I climb and work. It is my passion and enthusiasm that I enjoy sharing with those who spend time with me in the mountains.

An IFMGA Mountain Guide is the highest recognised climbing and mountaineering qualification in the world and is internationally recognised. To become a Mountain Guide takes many years of dedication to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to be accepted on to a rigorous and thorough training and assessment process. The reward is the IFMGA Carnet and the ability to Guide and Instruct internationally.


Prior to becoming a Mountain Guide I progressed through the UK Mountain Training scheme to gain their highest award, the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (formerly MIC). I am a member of the British Mountain Guides and the Mountain Instructors Community.

Previous to working in the outdoors I studied for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, graduating in 2008.

I've been fortunate to have climbed many routes with great friends over the years and while they are all memorable in their own way, the routes pictured below particuarly stand out. 

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