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The European Alps have long held allure and many of the peaks, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Eiger, are recognisable by many. The Alps hold endless possibilities to give memorable and inspiring days out. You may prefer to be guided to fulfil some big aspirations or would rather learn the skills yourself to climb peaks under your own steam. The classic 4000m peaks provide many fine objectives, not to mention the wealth of excellent peaks under 4000m that can take you off the beaten track.

The following are a few examples of what I can offer, yet the possibilities are endless!

An Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering

Learn essential Alpine skills such as glacial travel, alpine rope techniques, route planning and summit an  Alpine Peak or two on snow and rock along the way!


Classic Alpine Peaks

These often include the 4000m peaks which provide plenty of inspiration for objectives in the Alps and include Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and the Swiss Valais Peaks.


Technical Alpine Peaks and Grandes Courses

If you already have some Alpine experience you may want to attempt more challenging peaks such as the Matterhorn or Eiger. Beyond that there are 'grandes courses' such as the Frendo Spur and Innominata Ridge which can offer an experience of more committing alpine routes.


Off the Beaten Track

Away from the hubs of Chamonix and the Swiss Valais there are plenty of inspiring objectives such as the granite peaks and ridges of Andermatt, the alpine peaks of the Bernese Oberland and the granite faces and peaks of the Bregaglia.

Whether it's a personal trip or with your friends or family get in touch to discuss how we can make your trip to the Alps fun, memorable and fulfilling.

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